The historical capital Xi’an

Xi’an: China’s historical capital

During this semester break I was finally able to visit the old capital of China, Xi’an (西安). It is one of the oldest cities in China and filled with ancient treasures and surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere. As the majority of the historical facts regarding the emperors and empresses are still not solved and might never be.

The Terracotta Army
The thousands of detailed life-sized models were constructed around 246–206 BC and should protect the emperor in the afterlife. The army was discovered in 1974 by a local farmer and is one of the greatest archeological findings in the 20th century. After the discovery, the figures were barely standing and mostly destroyed. Hundreds of workers reconstructed each figure which resulted in the famous sight we know today as the terracotta army.



The Xi’an city wall
The city wall surrounds the whole old city of Xi’an and is so wide, that several cars could drive on it. It is on of the best preserved Chinese city walls and was used as a military defense. The was is 12-14 meters wide and has a length of 14 kilometers.


The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda12

Chinese New Year decorations all over the city13

Muslim Street food1415161718192021

Mount Hua (华山)
Growing up I have been to various mountains in Switzerland and all over Europe. But I have never seen this special kind of rock mountains as in China. Mount Hua is one of the five holy mountains in China. There is a trail by food which takes around 8 hours, but we took the modern gondola with huge windows instead.



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